Goosey Fibers

Faye Summer Top Set


This is for yarn only, the pattern can be found here:


This is such a gorgeous drapey design, so we're using the most luxurious yarn to accentuate the drape and soft sheen, and we are using the color COCKATOO. It's a soft soft soft sandy pink with the lightest speckling.

This Goosey Lux yarn is alpaca, silk, and linen, perfect for warmer days, making it breathable and soft. 

50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Silk, 25% Linen

2ply yarn

273 yds/100g

Sizing and yardage
1: 4 skeins (985 yds needed)
2: 4 skeins (1095 yds needed)
3: 5 skeins (1205 yds needed)
4: 5 skeins (1315 yds needed)
5: 6 skeins (1480 yds needed)