Goosey Fibers

Mushroom Sock Set 2


I've been spending free moments joyfully knitting some of Stone Knits' Magic Toadstool Socks and decided to put a few sets together. There are only a few, and each set is different from the others, so you'll be sure to get an entirely unique pair of Mushroomy socks for yourself! Or for someone else, if you're gift knitting this season.

This is such a fun bit of colorwork without being too intense, and the color combinations make it a unique bit of joy! Plus, there's no law that says you HAVE to make this pattern. You can make anything your heart desires, with just under 2 full skeins (160 g) of yarn in total, you could make a shawl or a small sweater, or...the sky's the limit!

Important details
Includes 100g skein of Goosey Sock (based off of the inspiration photo shown here) and 3 coordinating 20g mini skeins on my Mini Sock base


Goosey Sock base info
75% superwash merino 25% nylon
438 yards/100g skein / 93 yards/20g skein