Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set
Zweig Yarn Set

Zweig Yarn Set

$72.00 USD

Zweig is a fingering weight yoke sweater worked from the top down featuring lace, colorwork and texture on the body.

I have put together some kits, customized for whichever size you want to knit, XS - 3XL

Once you purchase a kit, be sure to head over to Ravelry to get the pattern!

Kit A: C1: Pensieve, C2: Owl Emporium
Kit B: C1: Stardust, C2: Not Like I'm A Defective
Kit C: C1: Buckbeak, C2: Chorus Girls
Kit D: C1: Twilight, C2:First Frost
Kit E: C1: City Spires, C2: Love Is A Battlefield
Kit F: C1: Lightning Sand, C2: Club Car
Kit G: C1: Mars Dust, C2: Orion's Belt

All kits are on my Goosey Sock base:
75% Superwash Merino
25% Nylon
4-Ply Fingering Weight
Approx. 462 Yards / 100 Grams.

XS: 2 skein of color C1, 1 skein C2 (3 skeins total)
S: 3 skeins C1,  1 C2 (4 skeins total)
M:3 skeins C1,  1 C2 (4 skeins total)
L: 4 skeins of C1, 1 skein C2 (5 skeins total)
XL:4 skeins of C11 skein C2 (5 skeins total) 
2XL:4 skeins of C11 skein C2 (5 skeins total) 
3XL:4 skeins of C1, 2 skeins C2 (6 skeins total) 

C1: 900 (1100, 1200, 1450, 1500, 1600, 1800) yards [823 (1006, 1326 1372, 1463, 1646) meters]
C2: 200 (250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500) yards [183 (229, 274, 320, 366, 412, 457) meters]

Pricing will reflect number of skeins.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do substitutions. This is your sweater and I'm more than happy to get you the set you want. :)