Goosey Fibers

Mermaid Avenue Sock Fade Sets


First: Be sure to grab your pattern here.

The Mermaid Avenue Socks incorporate a delightful stitch pattern
that mimics the scales on a mermaid tail. Easy to memorize
and interesting to knit, these socks can be worked up
in a variety of yarns, from solids to tonals, speckles, and everything
in between!

This pattern includes tutorials for the stitches used, as well as
YouTube videos that show how the stitches are made. At the end of the pattern, there is also a recipe page for knitting a Mermaid Fade.

According to Mermaid lore, these sirens of the sea sometimes
make their way ashore and live on land for awhile. I like to think if there are mermaids among us, they would happily wear these socks to warm their feet!

The Sets are as follows:
Blue: Zissou Set, from light to dark: Sick of These Dolphins, Scientific Purpose of Revenge, This is An Adventure, I Wonder If It Remembers Me
Purple: Lobby Boy Set, from light to dark: Completely Invisible, Always In Sight, Quiet Memories, Foppish Misadventures
Red: Margot Set, from light to dark: Secretly in Love, I’m Fine, Thank You, Library of Plays, Not Actually Related
Green: Moonrise Set, from light to dark: Beige Lunatics, What Kind of Bird Are You, Let’s Go On a Living Spree, My Magic Power

YARN: GOOSEY GOSLING (sock weight)  (231 yds/50g) 
1 skein of each color in the set = 200g total!