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Cosmo Woman - Sparkle

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"It's not 'Ms. Gilmore', it's Mrs. Gilmore! Mrs. Gilmore, I'm not a cosmo woman."

Say what you want about Emily Gilmore, I still think she's the most dynamic character on the show. Sure, she's manipulative and controlling, and serves as a juxtoposition to the Lorelais' relationship, but she's loving and tough as nails in all the right ways. Plus, she's an eternal pinky up kinda lady. Hers is a tonal of plums and wine and orchid, with some warm rust wash. It's as decadent as she.

Care Instructions
I dye my yarns with acid dyes and thoroughly rinse each skein before drying with Soak Wool Wash, but slight bleeding upon the first wash is a possibility. Although this yarn is machine washable, it is highly recommended that all items be hand washed in cool water with gentle detergent and laid flat to dry.

Please note, I do my best to capture the true color(s) of my yarns, however they may vary slightly due to differences between monitors/devices. I photograph all my yarn in natural light, to give you the best idea of what you're purchasing.

This yarn comes from a pet-friendly household. All yarn is stored in airtight containers away from pets, however please keep any potential allergies in mind when ordering.